Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Great Rocket Launch

Thursday= Our favorite day of the week. It's homeschool co-op day!!!

We have been studying Astronomy this year in science.
Today's assignment: Design, name, and launch a rocket.

Designing their rocket, the death defying,

BFF' kids have known these families for most of their whole lives!

Designing the body of the rocket....
Next they will add a nose cone and fins. They will wrap the body around a plastic film canister full of hot water, add an Alka-Seltzer tablet and RUN for their lives!!

THE BIG LAUNCH!!! (Someone...uhhhemmm...forgot to snap pictures of the completed rockets.)

3-2-1.......Blast off!!

The thrill of victory......

(We had some successful launches....)


The launch was a success!!!

Let's all celebrate!

How about a little line dance?! (BTW...I love these kids to pieces!!!)

And the agony of defeat......

(And some not so successful launches....)


But all in all, we had a BLAST (Get it? Blast...)

Well Anyway.....

Now back to work....

Well, lets take a little snack break first.

(This is our meal every Thursday. We moms have pinky promised that after our kids are grown, we will never eat another slice again!)

Homeschooling.....They really don't miss that bus at all!

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