Saturday, May 19, 2012

Been Farmin' Long?

We were blessed to stay at my in-laws farm this past week while they were out of town.  Even though it was a lot of hard work, we loved every minute of it.  It has always been our dream to own a farm, so we were all in heaven, especially the girls! 

What did one of our days look like?


We usually started the day off by gathering eggs.

They have eight hens which lay about 5 eggs a day. I think those other three hens better get on their job!
This is Goldie....isn't she a beauty!

And Flappy......

Next, we usually fed and watered the horses.  We also attempted to apply fly repellent, but as you can tell, we weren't always so successful. 

A girl and a horse.....Did I mention that she was in heaven?!

Next came tending to one of the MANY dogs.   Meet Bubba!

Don't worry, he's just a big baby!

Along with all of the dogs, came many extra-curricular "dooties!"

Mama's absolute FAVORITE part of coming to the farm...Well, favorite ONLY next to driving the 4-wheeler....

The Garden

When mama's in the garden, EVERYBODY'S happy!!!

Pure goodness...Straight from the garden to our table......

At the end of the day, we usually did a little unwinding "Farm-style!"  (I'm sure I wouldn't let them do this, if I viewed the water under a microscope first!)

FARM LIFE:  Where you kick your boots off and stay awhile!!!

I may never get them to put their shoes back on!!!


  1. We had a blast next time I want to overstay our welcome and stay the WHOLE week. love ya

  2. It was such a pleasure having you and the girls. Please come back and stay awhile!