Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Darn Target Catalog!

We got our Target catalog in the mail the other day, along with LL Bean, Bed Bath and Beyond, Oriental Trading Company, and many others.  It seems that everyone is gearing up for the Christmas season already, before the Autumn leaves even have a chance to fall to the ground.
My birthday and Christmas just so happen to be really close to each other, so this time of year, my family begins asking the age old question, "What do you want, mom?"
Hmmmm....let's see....well.....
Months ago, a friend told me about the Fagor Muli-Cooker.  It has a pretty impressive resume, including:
 "An exceptionally versatile addition to any busy kitchen, this 6-quart multi-cooker offers a variety of functions all in one handy appliance--use it as a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, or a slow cooker. In rice-cooker mode, the unit automatically cooks any type of rice to light, fluffy, restaurant-quality perfection. In pressure-cooker mode, the appliance offers high (9 psi) and low (5 psi) pressure settings for cooking healthy meals in no time. The higher the pressure the faster the results. For peace of mind, the unit's self-locking lid comes with an automatic pressure-release setting, which means the lid won't open until all the pressure inside gets safely released. In slow-cooker mode, the appliance can be used to make delicious pot roasts, soups, and stews. Simply add the ingredients in the morning, set the timer, and dinner will be ready and waiting after a long day at the office. Best of all, the multi-cooker automatically shifts to "keep warm" at the end of any cooking program, keeping food hot and ready to serve without overcooking. Other highlights include a "brown" function for true one-pot cooking, an LED screen with soft-touch control buttons, a programmable eight-hour delay timer, stay-cool handles, overheat protection, and two independent pressure-control valves for added security. When finished, the nonstick cooking pot can be removed for quick cleanup by hand or in the dishwasher. A user manual with 40 delicious recipes comes included."
Rumor has it that it cooks brown rice to fluffy perfection in less than 10 minutes!  Doesn't that make your mouth water?!  (I bet you also just added this amazing contraption to your Christmas list as well, didn't you?!) 
I've left gentle reminders to my family that this is ALL that I want.  Nothing else....Nada, Nunca, NADIA!
You think they would get the hint after I used duct tape to hide the 80s green ivy on my tired, weary, OVERUSED crockpot...(hint, hint all family memebers reading this post!)
So the Fagor multi-cooker is indeed ALL that I want!
Well....I did see this cute little gadget just this morning....

And this....

And this...

And this...
 (Just kidding!)

Oh yeah, and one more....Have you seen these?....guuurrrrllll!  I really need these if I'm gonna get that bow! 

Commercialism has already reared it's ugly head in our household!!  It seems that everyone is getting caught up!


Darn Target catalog!!!

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