Friday, January 13, 2012

Angry Birds

41!  There....I said it.  Now it's out there for the whole world to see.  I turn 41 today.  I know it's so cliche, but really, where has the time gone?  It seems like only yesterday that I was staring at the posters on my bedroom wall of my favorite 80's band, "Duran Duran."  You remember them don't you?  They had such awesome hits like, "A View to a Kill", "The Reflex", "Hungry Like the Wolf."   I'm sure you know the words to every song, don't you?  Still can't remember them?  Here.....let me refresh your memory...

Yep, that's them.  Their bass guitar player, John Taylor, really made both mine and my BFF's hearts flutter.  Was that really 30 years ago?  Inconceivable!! 

I wonder what wonderful birthday plans my family has for me?  Maybe my man has decided to wisk me off to some secluded island for a last minute birthday surprise...


I'm thinking a day at home, trying to beat them at a game of "Angry Birds" is more like it.   Yes.   "Angry Birds."  My 7 year old asked me the other day, "Mom, are you addicted to Angry Birds?"  Well maybe I am.  There's just something theraputic about hoisting those little flying creatures and knocking stuff over.  When I see the words, "New High Score" on a certain level, I have to admit, I do a little happy dance. 

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!  Yep.  That's probably what we'll spend a big part of the evening doing.... playing my favorite game of all time next to Mrs. Pac-Mac!

As for dinner, I'm sure it will be a choice between "Texas Roadhouse" or "Cracker Barrel",  just because those are the places that we have gift certificates to.  Doesn't sound very glamorous to you?  A whole night with my family and not having to cook or clean up the dishes?  Sounds pretty amazing to me!

I'll take her over some tropical paradise any day!


  1. It's not hard to see your heart, Shawn. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more and seeing some more of those amazing pictures of your amazing family. (And--please--get some more recipes?)


  2. Many recipes are coming a ton of them. I'm sure there will be a few pictures scattered in there as well! Thank you, my sweet Kodiak friend!

  3. Oh, Shawn we are so alike. I totally loved Duran Duran and am completely addicted to Angry Birds too!

  4. This doesn't surprise me at all, Susan...I knew from the day I met you that we were kindred spirits.