Saturday, January 14, 2012

Isn't he amazing?!

Isn't he AMAZING?!  Look at the roses that my man surprised me with yesterday morning for my birthday.  They fully opened this afternoon, displaying the magnificent rich swirls of petals, intelligently tucked inside for all of us earthly creatures to enjoy.....BEAUTIFUL, simply beautiful, and the smell of them fill our home and make me oh, so ready for spring.

My man and I have been married for almost 18 years. We met at my BFF's wedding.  I was the maid of honor.  His brother was the groom. He was a groomsman.  My BFF is now my sister in law...the rest is history.  When I first met him, I wasn't interested, he was persistent, and I finally said, "yes."  I've been madly in love with him ever since.  He looks like a cross between Tom Selleck....

And the Marlboro Man, only take away the cigarette.  He's never tried one a day in his life.

He is forever faithful and loyal to his family.  More than any girl could ever ask for.  He has the heart of a warrior and always demands justice...

He is the hardest working man that I have ever met.  He goes from sunrise to sundown, non-stop, only pausing to check on his Fantasy Football stats.  He has the hands of a workin' man, constantly snagging my sweater or pantyhose, and he hasn't taken his wedding ring off since the day we were married.

He can play a mean game of "Angry Birds", and cries more than me at sad movies.  My girls' laughs are the proof that he is the best tickler ever!

The greatest gift he ever gave me..............

I still read them quite often.

Because of all he does for us, I try to find ways to bless him daily, my little manna gifts.  Remember, I am a June Cleaver wanna-be. 

I always start by making our bed each morning......check out our new quilt!

But.......I often times fail....

But he still loves me.  Remember, I am a June Cleaver wanna-be, not June cleaver herself!

As old fashioned as it sounds, I also try to have a hot meal waiting for him when he gets home, even though he would be happy with just a sandwich and chips.

The girls and I also try to have the house half way presentable by the time he arrives home in the evenings, but.....

We aren't always successful!

But he still loves us!  (Nothing an "Angry Birds" competition can't soothe!)

The most important blessing, or manna gift, that I give my husband each day is the gift of prayer.  I pray for him daily and he does the same for me.  And 18 years and four kids later.....

Did I mention that he was amazing??!!


  1. you are so funny...and blessed :)

  2. Love you both!!!!

  3. :) blessed! Love your precious family too!

  4. Precious! Happy Anniversary!! Your sweet young girl thinks the world of him and speaks of him with great affection. She obviously has a "Momma" teaching her how to honor and love. Sarah C. :)

  5. Thanks so much, Sarah. So blessed.....