Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gather 'Round the Table

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I pray that your day was filled with lots of fun, food, fellowship, and free-flowing, loose-fitting pants!!
For years I have dreamed of being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, gathered 'round a big ole', rustic,  farm table like this....
Or this.....

To be quite honest, farm tables really give me a sense of nostalgia.  I can remember my sisters and I spending Sunday afternoons around my maw maw's naturally distressed table, laughing until our bellies hurt.  I guess the longing for a large, rustic, multi-seated table, probably rekindles some very special memories from years gone by.

I can just picture our family and friends gathered 'round fellowshipping until the wee hours of the morning, much like we used to do at maw maw's house.


Come to think of it though, looking through pictures of this past year,  we really didn't need a farm table to make memories.  Any ole' table would do......


So gather 'round the table....No matter what kind of table and have a seat.

There you'll, family, and conversations about life's most important things. 


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