Monday, November 5, 2012

Got stale bread?


Got stale bread?  I know that we always do! What are some ways that you use stale or leftover bread?  In the past, I have made many things with stale bread including:  French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot browns, breakfast casseroles, both plain and cinnamon toast, stuffing, croutons, and bread crumbs.

This is my kids favorite way to use up stale, fresh, or just any ole' piece of bread.....we call these buckeyes.....we used an apple cookie cutter for this one..... 

1)  Use a cookie cutter to cut any shape out of a piece of bread.

2)  Butter both sides of the piece of bread with the shape cut out.

3)  Throw buttered bread in a greased hot skillet or griddle and..... crack an egg right, smack in the middle!  Cook on both sides until the yolk gets done to your liking.
This one is a gingerbread man with a fat, little, round belly!  Pair him with his gingerbread cut-out, lathered with butter and jelly.
While you've still got out the bread, butter, and cookie cutters, you might want to give this a try....
Use the middle shape that you cut from your piece of bread.  (This one is a snowflake) Butter both sides, throw it on a hot skillet or griddle.  Brown both sides to perfection.  Add cheese, herbs, and garlic salt.  Let cheese melt and you have a perfect, fun, side to any meal. 
By adding sauce first,  and following these directions, you could also make mini cheese pizzas.  If you need to melt the cheese a little more, put a lid on your pan or toast them in the oven a few seconds.
Your kids will love you because they will think that you are the coolest mom on the block!  (We all know that you really are!)
Getting creative with some day old bread.....
now that's a  really FRESH idea!

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